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 Sit tight, relax, and buckle up for the season ahead with these huge details.

Consider this your new day-to-night bag. Looks can be deceiving: This adorable piece is 18cm high and 16-18cm length definitely can fit your phone, wallet, keys and etc… 

They’re the perfect size if you’re a minimalist. 

This teeny one still has plenty of style with its soft strap and denim texture.

Available in 3 colors: Light Blur, Denim Blue and Black

This bag is all i’ll need. And you will too!

Denim is one of the most durable fabrics, which is woven with a twill weave that it allows it to undergo rough conditions, making it the perfect fabric for bags and outerwear. A real denim bag adds natural texture.

Denim is one of the longest standing trends that never went out 

The best work bags are a little bit of everything at once: They’re professional, but not too stuffy.

This denim duffle Boston bag is synonymous with clean lines, minimal colour palettes and beautiful metalwork detailing. Perfect for traveling, a gym trip or shopping day out.

2 designs 2 colors available to suit your style! B01 features 1 roomy space yet B02 features 2 separate designing front compartments, finished with an iconic zipper closure. It is decorated with the gorgeous buckle detailing on the exterior. Carry by the top handle or wear hands-free with the convenient cross-body strap. 

Whether you’re attending a party or heading out around the shops, a large practical, yet fashionable bag, is a must-have.

Available in 2 designs: Single Top-zip & Double Top Zip

Denim Bags Are All the Rage for All Season

Your favorite designers are trying to make denim happen…

Shop my picks for denim handbags

If you’re a blue jean baby like me, then accessorizing with denim should be an easy feat.

Take your collection to a new level with this cross-body bag from our Maker..





同时备有两种选择 : 单间隔 和 双间隔 无论哪一款式,都令我爱不释手!


  • 高耐用性 ~ 长时间使用不易磨损,经久耐用,不怕脱皮窘境!
  • 强度 ~ 轻而有力哦!
  • 自然 ~ 是环保者必备的单件。丹宁纺织,反复使用不破坏自然!


  • 内层收纳空间大,不担心随身物丢三落四.
  • 包身前部及兩側配有拉链磁扣口袋,专为您的小物品提供额外空间.
  • 以三用设计最具特色:手提、单肩、斜挎,为你的日常服飾提供更时尚选择.
  • 细节部件及设计上都提高了实用度及时尚感,无论是質感或观感都非常好 !
可拆式宽阔肩帶 ,背上一整天也不会不舒服!

牛仔包還有個好處,就是跟牛仔褲一樣的百搭。这款包包可以随意搭配衣服。袋出去, 时尚感十足,可不失大气啊!不管是哪種風格的衣著都很 match 哦 !

如果说每个女人应该有一个气质,那么与气质同样经典的还有一个优雅的 “品味”!

George Armani 曾说 “优雅并不是耀眼夺目,而是被人铭记”。








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